Dean Sound DLS Installations
Ohio's Top Shelf Sound Team
Jeff Dean
(419) 421-9543

Professional Sound / Family Feel

In 1982, Jeff Dean founded Dean Sound to bring top-shelf sound to the progressive and underserved city of Findlay. He has since grown it into a Northen Ohio institution that has served hundreds of venues and artists from local musicals to major acts and events. Working hand-in-glove with his brother-in-law Doug Lee as DLS Installations, Jeff and Doug have brought that same top-shelf gear and matching sonic sophistication to churches, corporate event rooms, and a wide range of venues.

Jeff and his wife Jill are proud of their family business. You'll find their sons Josh and Jordan working side-by-side behind the boards with Jeff, and daughter Jenalee tucked away behind a computer keeping things in order on either side of events. They work together to take care of the business, three grandkids, somewhere between a few and a few too many dogs (if there is such a thing), and all the stuff in between.

Dean Sound and DLS Installations are proud to be a part of our community and yours, by crafting exceptional event and venue experiences.

From the patter of rain and the sound of thunder:  Dean Sound